Rutger's Tour Game

The Game

Rutgers Tourspel is a unique Tour de France game.

The idea is that, during the Tour de France, you select one Tour rider every day. His time and points are counted towards your personal total.
For example, if you select Robbie McEwen for Stage 2 and he wins it, you get his stage time, 35 points for the sprinter's classification and 20 bonus seconds.

As the Tour progresses, totals are made for the overall classification (time), green and dotted jerseys (points) and a combination classification.

The trick is that you cannot select the same rider twice - so you will need 21 different riders to complete the Tour!

It's all that simple. Or is it?


I've participated in a similar game, and I can tell you - it's great fun! Much better than all the "pick a team of 15 riders and score the most points" type of games.

My game is all online, of course. If you're interested to participate, or to receive the rules in English, drop me a line! Translating should not be a problem.

Rutger Mooy

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